I’ve gone blank

I’ve really gone blank.

It must be the heat, because those who know me know that I rarely struggle for words, or thoughts, or opinions. Yep. It must be the heat.

I do love Melbourne in the summer. That horrible, dry, draining heat that can quickly turn into disgustingly, sweaty, dripping, humidity. And the promised cool changes that take forever to arrive, often bringing incredible displays of lightning.

At this time of the year there is one thing I can’t live without. My ceiling fan. We never had them when I was a kid. I discovered their magic when I was 18 years old and house-sitting for friends. They had them in the bedrooms and I slept blissfully every single stinking hot night I stayed. So I’ve had them installed in the bedrooms in every house I’ve ever owned.

So today’s photo celebrates the wonder of the ceiling fan.