So much to tell you.

So much happened today that I barely know where to begin, and because I was carrying around my trusty Nikon D5100 with my gorgeous 50mm 1.8 attached, I was able to document all of it. So I beg your indulgence as I include more than one photo today.

I was still enjoying my seaside escape in Anglesea with my good friend, her three dogs and my two which meant a delightful early start this morning. (Yes, you can apply sarcasm there. 7am is a very rude time to wake up on a Sunday morning) The ritual Sunday morning walk to the beach where numerous other, equally insane, dog owners meet to walk and chat was rewarded with bacon and scrambled eggs.

I had plans to head to Torquay today and was preparing to leave when the magic of Australian bushland nature welcomed me. Three Grey Kangaroos were just hopping around the street as they are known to do in Anglesea.  I can cope with that. Sensible Aussie drivers know to be very careful arou