Here’s one from the vault

Truth time. I couldn’t be fagged going out tonight to take a photo.

There. I’ve said it.

I have a hundred excuses I could have used but I figured that the truth is always best. I had been doing all the boring stuff today such as washing, grocery shopping, walking the dogs (a little bit further today), resting my ankle and cooking. By the time the dark had arrived I was already happily clothed in my pyjamas. I….did…..not…..want……to…..go…..out. And dinner was a failure, requiring me to initiate the back-up plan. Therefore, all my creative juices have dried up.

So I am happily, if somewhat guiltily, dragging a photo out of the vault. But I am glad that I am doing it because I now have the chance to look at this photo again and really critique it.