Old dog; New tricks

This old dog has begun her learning journey into the wonders of Lightroom 5. This could go one of two ways. Either I begin to create some brilliant photos out of some great shots OR I crash and burn and make my photos look over-edited.

And that is what I am going to sincerely try to stay away from. I want my photos to look like photos. But at the same time I want them to be the best photos that I can create without spending hours on every shot.

Until this week I have just used the very basic tools at my disposal in Lightroom 5. I might tweak the exposure, contrast, saturation and add a vignette. There would generally be a little bit of cropping and an adjustment of the horizontal aspect. However, thanks to a chance meeting with the lovely Kathryn, with a K, I discovered Serge Ramelli (http://photoserge.com) who showed me, among other things, how to straighten those pesky vertical lines in my landscape shots. This then led me to my own little Googl