Old dog; New tricks

This old dog has begun her learning journey into the wonders of Lightroom 5. This could go one of two ways. Either I begin to create some brilliant photos out of some great shots OR I crash and burn and make my photos look over-edited.

And that is what I am going to sincerely try to stay away from. I want my photos to look like photos. But at the same time I want them to be the best photos that I can create without spending hours on every shot.

Until this week I have just used the very basic tools at my disposal in Lightroom 5. I might tweak the exposure, contrast, saturation and add a vignette. There would generally be a little bit of cropping and an adjustment of the horizontal aspect. However, thanks to a chance meeting with the lovely Kathryn, with a K, I discovered Serge Ramelli (http://photoserge.com) who showed me, among other things, how to straighten those pesky vertical lines in my landscape shots. This then led me to my own little Google mission to understand another aspect of Lightroom 5, where I discovered the equally wonderful Anthony Morganti (http://www.anthonymorganti.com).

So today I have gone back to one of my earlier photos to have a little play with the few things I have learned this week. (Is it learnt or learned??? I always get confused with this one)

I have a photograph that I took in the beautiful seaside town of Portarlington at the end of May. It was 4:30pm. It was cold. The sun was starting to head off for the night.