A trip down memory lane

I wonder if I will ever own another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. For a very long time I thought that I would never not own a Cav. I actually had dreams of owning four. One of each colour. A Black and tan, a Ruby, a Blenheim and a Tri-colour. But then I met a pug called Riley.

My first Cavalier was my present from my family for my fifteenth birthday. Harmony Highace, commonly known as Ace. A tri-colour boy who was my everything and I think that I was his everything. He and I were almost inseparable. If you wanted to know where I was, you only had to find the dog. I couldn’t even go to the toilet or have a shower without seeing his paws poking under the door. I was forced to buy my own chair for the loungeroom because my parents wouldn’t allow him up on the leather couch. I did manage to score a really comfortable chair for $50 that was ours…..and it was leather.   🙂

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