My secret passion

I can’t explain what it is about her that makes me come over all quivery. I actually think that it’s rather odd for a woman to be so affected by something that really is quite feminine in shape.

She has that beautifully elongated neck and those voluptuous curves. But her voice is so deep and soothing. When she speaks I feel her vibration deep within my core. I want to feel her. To touch her. To see what she could say with my hands on her.

I can understand the fascination with her cousin. There is an unmistakable, undeniable and almost blatant sexuality about her. She gives you nothing until you open your legs and place her between them. She begs you to touch her and stroke her. You feel her through your thighs. She is the whole body experience.

But not this girl. She is so much more. She is a powerful and unique creature who demands respect and adoration.

She certainly has mine.