Monday nights are going to be tough

So it seems that my Monday nights are going to be busy from now on. This means that I am going to need to plan ahead. Which should be easy, but it’s me, and so it’s not.

I don’t do ‘plan ahead’ very well. I can do it, but then I forget to check my schedule and forget that I’m organised, or completely forget that I have planned anything at all. Or I plan ahead and when the plan ahead time comes I don’t like what I’ve planned.

It is a problem of mine that I don’t see being rectified any time soon. (Because to rectify it I would need to plan a strategy…..ahead of time. Can you see my problem here??)

My Mondays are going to be busy and late because I am probably, no I am going to, join a camera club. Unfortunately, the closest club to be is almost half an hour from home. Close to my mum and dad’s so I can ‘plan ahead’ to have dinner there, but it leaves me no time to photograph, chose, edit, upload and blog.


I take my laptop with me on Mondays, do my photo editing and my blog while I’m waiting for my Monday roast that has been lovingly and magnificently cooked by my darling mother. Eat dessert (because mum always has dessert) then go to the camera club meeting and then I can head home stress free!!!

OMG!!! Problem solved. Planned in advance and all. 🙂

Only one problem. Mum and dad are rather fond of taking long holidays. What am I going to do then? I know. I’ll worry about it then.