Monday nights are going to be tough

So it seems that my Monday nights are going to be busy from now on. This means that I am going to need to plan ahead. Which should be easy, but it’s me, and so it’s not.

I don’t do ‘plan ahead’ very well. I can do it, but then I forget to check my schedule and forget that I’m organised, or completely forget that I have planned anything at all. Or I plan ahead and when the plan ahead time comes I don’t like what I’ve planned.

It is a problem of mine that I don’t see being rectified any time soon. (Because to rectify it I would need to plan a strategy…..ahead of time. Can you see my problem here??)

My Mondays are going to be busy and late because I am probably, no I am going to, join a camera club. Unfortunately, the closest club to be is almost half an hour from home. Close to my mum and dad’s so I c