Me bad

Me bad. I have been out all day and haven’t been able to take a photo.

That’s not quite correct. I did take a photo. As a matter of fact, I took LOTS of photos, but they were not with my camera, nor were they with my phone. I took photos using the camera of a friend, at her 40th birthday lunch. (I sort of became the official photographer)

I also left the house today WITHOUT my own camera.

*Audible intake of breath* I know!!! I can hear the gasps from here.

I left home without my camera!! I felt like I had left home without my child. I really truly thought that I would not need it. I was going to be inside at a restaurant. Why on earth would I need my camera?

Well………… I would have needed my own camera…………

Because the cloud formations I saw on the drive up the Calder Freeway towards Sunbury were so amazing. Cumulus clouds scattered in front of horizontal lines of clouds that got incrementally thicker the closer to the horizon they were. So hard to describe in words. A picture would have been easier. *sigh*

Because Leah’s 40th birthday cake was a min