The patient wife


_SBB0979I love seeing a couple who have obviously been together forever. This may, in part, be due to a certain amount of envy because I know that that is never going to be me.

Now, I have friends, and possibly even family, who will be cranky at me for saying that but a truth is a truth. I am hoping for a miracle, and I am getting out and about meeting new people, but a 48 year old woman who is independent, capable, sexy, funny, smart, employed, can cook and change a car tyre and has two dogs that sleep on the bed……………….Not looking good for ‘happy ever after’.

But I digress….. Back to the couple who had been together forever. There they were, at the beach, him fishing in the shallows and her just sitting there on the bucket waiting patiently till he was done. No stress, no agitation……..just waiting.


Actually, that would never b