Welcome to the family, baby girl.

A new baby was welcomed into my family today.

I am a very proud mum.

Weighing 825g (29.1oz in the old scale) she is  a good weight. Curled up she measures 108.5mm but when she stretches she’s a full 116.5mm long.

Her head is big though!!! I had to get a hat that fits an 82mm head!

And surprisingly, considering her size, she was a natural delivery. I didn’t need drugs. I just took a deep breath and in no time at all I was cradling her in my hands. Though I have needed one or two strong cups of tea to help settle the nerves. One cannot help but be nervous when a new baby arrives.

Have I made the right decision? A new baby is always a joyous occasion, but will he or she be the right fit in your family dynamic. You struggle with the should you or shouldn’t you. What if the new baby is more trouble than you imagined? What if the new baby is not perfect?

Not to mention the expense. Babies are not inexpensive. I’m just lucky that this baby was able to happen without the need for expensive interventions.

I am certain that the baby is perfect. I’m equally certain that my decision to bring this baby into our family was the right decision. I’ve been in love with my new baby from the moment I decided that I was ready to take this big step, long before I actually held her in my hands.

My new baby’s arrival into my life was a measured and well researched process. She was no ‘mistake’ made in a moment of drunken stupidity. She has been long desired and eagerly anticipated.

Welcome to Camp Suzanne, baby Tammy.