That’s passion

Met a young man today. His name is Elliot. Not a common name, but one made easier to remember by two things. One….He is English, therefore Elliot the Englishman. Two …… The lead character in ET is a boy called Elliot and ET is a favourite film of mine.

This poor Elliot has the unfortunate issue of having a surname that begins with the letter T, so you can just imagine the hell he went through at school.

Anyway, his name is not the reason that I am blogging about him tonight. No. I am blogging about Elliot from England because of his wonderful tattoo. 

Elliot is a lad with a passion for photography that he wears proudly on his wrist.

Good on ya, Elliot. And many thanks for your help today. I’m very glad that I decided to ask the question I did. ☺☺