Polo anyone?


There is a whole other world out there that one rarely gets to see. Well, it’s a world that I rarely see. The world of money that goes hand in hand with the sport of polo.

One phone call just after 10am this morning and I was packing my camera gear and preparing for an afternoon of polo horses, wine, food and privilege. (They were drinking the wine but I did get to eat and to be there was definitely a privilege)

It was not my first time at the polo. I have been very lucky to have been invited along to see polo at Werribee on two previous occasions, but this time I was out at a polo club in Ballan which is about 80kms from my home. ****For the confused and unsure it is pronounced Balaaaan, not Balan or Balarn. I must say, the posh folk did struggle with the pronunciation. They soooo want to posh