When the child is a little shit.

I must have a little vent. This vent is about parenting and there is a chance that I may upset some of you with my thoughts and opinions on something that happened today. But I need to get this off my chest while it is still fresh in my experience so that I don’t over think it.

Today I went to the footy with a group of friends. Seated  to my right was a family group of four. I’m going to call them a family, but I have my doubts as to the true nature of this family unit. There was one adult male, one adult female and two boys. I’m guessing that the boys were between 10 and 12 years old. The adults of this group were seated the furthest away from me.

This family group were supporters of the opposing team however the supporter mix in the area we were seated was mixed. No barriers at Aussie Rules games keeping the supporters apart. It’s just not necessary.

The boy seated closest to me was a very passionate and vocal supporter of his team. I have no issue with a passionate supporter. What I have an issue with is when that passion becomes obnoxious and support becomes abuse towards the supporters of the other team.

What I have an even bigger issue with is when the parents or guardians of a child who is behaving in an obnoxious, aggressive, unreasonable and rude fashion completely ignore this behaviour and let it continue unabated.

It was not as if they couldn’t hear the words coming out of the mouth of this creature. He was so loud that his behaviour was noticed by quite a number of fellow football-goers.

It took all my self-control to keep my mouth shut. And I am very proud of all the other people who also kept their mouths shut and didn’t rise to the bait and respond to the taunts and rudeness coming from this child.

And I believe it was the fact that this was a mere child that stopped us from doing or saying anything. I’m of the belief that we were waiting for the parent/guardian of this little heathen to step up and pull him into line. But there was nothing. The adult male and female of this foursome ignored junior feral for the entire game. They let him scream at the crowd of jubilant supporters to shut up when our team scored a much-needed