The story of the watch


The watch. One of the UGLIEST watches on the planet. My father’s pride and joy.

A few years ago, dad found the Casio timepiece in the street. The band was broken, which probably explains why it was on the street, but it still worked. Never one to let something pass him by, he took it home and gave it a new band from some cheap, old watch that he had in a drawer which had seen better days. However, it was not any old band that he repaired the watch with. Goodness no!  Never mind the fact that the original band was black and plastic, the watch would look so much better with a gold band.

The new-band-replacement surgery is a story unto itself as I learned last night. Did you know that it took four rivets that had to be cut and drilled out to make the new pins for the band to fit? You do now. Do you know what a rivet is? I had that explained to me as well.

The newly remodelled Casio was now ready for the world. It became dad’s day watch. Dad would have been more than happy for the watch to be the ALL-day (including evening wear) watch, but there are some things my mother will not let him do.

The biggest selling point about this watch is the hourly beep. Yes, you guessed it, every hour on the hour this watch beeps. Just the once, a short double-beep……… for 21 of the 24 hours. However, at 6pm you get two beeps and at 7pm and 8pm you get ten! These are the alarms that my dad managed to set for whatever reason at the time he needed to set the alarms for. The problem is these alarms were supposed to go off at 6AM , 7AM and 8AM. Today I discovered the reason they beep in the PM. The watch is in 24 hour time mode and I’m taking a wild stab in the dark here and guessing that my darling father set the time on the watch in the afternoon, not realising this little factor.  Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! (Which has me wondering what he thought the time was when he looked at his watch in the mornings, if he even looked at the watch at all.)

Back to the hourly beeps and the other, often told, tale of the wonders of the Casio timepiece. According to my father, the fellas at the butcher shop where he worked would get excited each time the beeps sounded because it meant that they were another hour closer to knock-off time and it would spur them on to work that bit faster.

Why am I telling you about this watch? Make yourself comfortable, get yourself a cup of tea and I will tell you.

You see……… dad lost the watch, I